About US


Dreamers attracting dreamers.

The story began long before the first shovel hit the dirt or before a chisel ever notched a single timber. The story of Hollerhorn Distilling has nearly written itself through a series of crossing paths and curious interactions; through old friendships and those newly forged; through family connection and re-connection; through experiences in far-off places and those that have occurred right around the corner.

Live better.

Hollerhorn was built on a dream, sweat equity, sheer passion and a belief that small-town life doesn’t have to feel small.   Do you enjoy high-quality spirits, tasty food, live music and sharing that experience with the people you love? So do we! At Hollerhorn, our Spirit Room is more than just a tasting room, it is about creating an elevated experience.  A place to live better. A place to celebrate with old friends and maybe make a few new friends. A place for a special date night or a casual weeknight hang out. A place to bring out-of-town family and friends. A destination. It is not by chance that we chose Naples, New York as the location for our Distillery and Spirit Room. It is our great fortune to live in the Finger Lakes Region, and the Naples Valley is the crowning jewel. It is a quaint historic village surrounded by breathtaking landscape, lush farmland, a thriving arts and music scene, and an incredibly supportive community. We are so proud to be a part of it!

Our hope is to create the highest quality spirits that reflect the beauty and integrity of this region.  Each spirit is hand-crafted and bottled with pride right here in Naples! Let’s see how big our little town can feel!


Hollerhorn is an instrument used to herald or to heed.  


You have probably never heard of Hollerhorn before because we made it up.  It is our word and our definition. It represents many things for us, but when it came right down to defining “Hollerhorn,” it was really about the duality of the horn.  An instrument used to amplify sound by the user or receiver. Use the horn to herald in times of joy! An instrument to let us know how excited you are about what we are doing!...Post...and tag...and follow us on social media!  If perchance, we miss the mark with a product or service, the Hollerhorn can also function as an aid to hear; allowing us to heed your concerns or suggestions. We want you, our customer and our community to feel free to contact us.


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